A Compilation "Bodies" by Drowning Pool

3 minutes 30 seconds
Some crazy shit! I think the best one is when the solider is loading that cannon and gets knocked back. Dumbass...

Toilet Kid

18 seconds
How can she stand there and let the kid continue to stick his face in the toilet? Disgusting...

Jaycee Dugard Appears After Being Reported Missing Over 18 Years Ago

2 minutes 42 seconds
At only eleven years Jaycee Lee Dugard was abducted at a South Lake Tahoe school bus stop on June 10, 1991. Eighteen years later, she was found in the greater Bay Area of California. Dugard walked into a Northern California police station and identified herself as the missing girl.
Jaycee's stepfather said that the vehicle was occupied by two individuals who drove up to Jaycee and abducted her. 58-year old Phillip Craig Garrido and his wife Nancy were taken into custody.

Sick bastards!

Suicide Bomber

Apparently he did not succeed. Disgusting!

1 minute 14 seconds

Snake Bite

Terrible Accident


I assume